Arquímica Group

Arquímica Group is an exclusive representative and distributor of major international firms, with experience in the chemical industry since the ’60s.

Through its companies, the Group’s business is being developed in the chemical industry, especially in the manufacture of paints, varnishes and printing inks, plasters and mortars, adhesives, plastics, explosives, as well as in the food and feed, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Products portfolio is organized in two business units:

Our offices are located in Spain, Germany and Brazil, selling our products in Spain, Portugal, Maghreb, Germany, Brazil, Chile and Colombia.

We have warehouses suitable for solid, liquid, flammable products and foodstuffs located in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, San Sebastian, Portugal and Germany, as well as a fully qualified and efficient sales network in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, San Sebastian, Sevilla, Portugal, Germany, Brazil, Chile and Colombia.


Arquímica Group, due to its family nature, intends to convey to all employees, direct and indirect partners, customers and suppliers, all professional and personal values of its founders: constant effort, work quality, commitment, perseverance, nonconformity, continuous improvement, innovation and, above all, human and personal treatment.

Arquímica Group works closely with experienced and prestigious firms to guarantee, at all times, an adequate assistance to our customers.

Our goal is to ensure their full satisfaction, striving to expand and improve our product range and services, our expertise, technical support, research and development from our principals and suppliers, and our daily work of coordination and service to our customers.

More than 50 years of experience, market knowledge and closeness to the client